Choose The Right Trumpet

If you are just beginning to learn how to play the trumpet, or have a child that is, you have likely already pondered the question, "How do I choose the right trumpet The choices are many, and the prices range anywhere from a hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. So, which one is best for you?

Let me break it down in a simplified way. First of all, you can think of trumpets as beginner horns, intermediate horns, or professional horns. Beginner horns typically sell for under $500. Intermediate horns sell in the range of $500-$1500. Professional quality horn generally begin around $1500 and go up from there.

Although the quality is different, all of them are fine as long as they coincide with your current skill level. It makes little sense for a beginner to buy a professional horn. There are two reasons for this. 1) You don't yet know if this will be something you will continue to pursue for a while. 2) A beginner is still going to sound like a beginner no matter how good the horn is. So, the best thing to do is buy a new beginner horn or possibly a nice used intermediate horn. Professional trumpets are great, but really only necessary if you play professionally or have been playing several years and are unhappy with the performance of your current instrument.

A factor that really makes more of a difference than the trumpet itself is choosing the correct mouthpiece for your purposes, but that's a whole other article. Most beginners start with a 7C, which is what most trumpets come with from the factory. This is an all-purpose sort of mouthpiece that is ideal for beginners.

Other factors, such as whether a trumpet is silver or brass is really just a matter of personal taste. A trumpet's color makes little impact on the way it sounds. Some trumpets have slide triggers too. These also have no bearing on the sound. They are just extras that make it easier to play once you get past the beginning stages.

As you learn the instrument you will develop certain preferences for instruments. You'll find that most trumpet players are loyal to certain brands once they get experienced.